“Harvey knows more about hotel sales than most hoteliers.”

— David C. Dorf, CHME 

“Harvey has a track record which covers hospitality sales exceptionally well, but more than that he understands needs of customers and prospects. He has worked both sides of the street, so he knows full well how to improve sales productivity.”

— Howard Feiertag, CHA, CHME, CMP, Hospitality Tourism Management Department
at Virginia Tech

Sales Auditing

The objective of a sales audit is to determine the effectiveness of a property’s group sales program and to offer suggestions on improvements for a better return on investment and ways to provide better customer service.

It is designed to find out if sales activities are supporting the property’s long-range marketing goals and the level at which they are currently being accomplished.

This is done by an examination of the various revenue producing areas of a property and the performance of the personnel responsible for each area. Part of the review and analysis may be done in advance of a visit.

The time required to complete an audit is determined by how extensive an audit is desired and what areas of the property need to be examined.

The examination may be conducted only on the operation of a sales department or it may include as many other departments as you feel necessary.


Room reservations

Selling ability and closing

Group booking procedure

Event catering



Marketing Plan / Action Calendar

Sales Activity Reports


The General Manager’s procedures

General Manager’s job descriptions for sales personnel and related staff

Front Office and Reservations Manager’s policies
and procedures

Director of Sales systems for selling

Interview Sales personnel regarding their duties

Random selection and analysis of files (correspondence, proposals, follow up)

Observation of sales staff meeting, internal communications and sales activities
(may include sales calls with staff)

Determine how leads for new business are developed

Review market mix to maximize revenues

Analyze advertising effectiveness

Public relations efforts

Analysis of catering/banquet department effectiveness

Examine a la carte sales for improvement potential

Observe on-site visit of prospect (if available)

Examine performance standards for key personnel

Comparison shop property and competitor

A written, diagnostic report, in narrative form, covering each area examined is provided.

The report reviews findings and identifies improvement opportunities in key sales areas.

Contact Harvey to conduct a sales audit.

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